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it’s Moving Time

On July 22 we move to our new and hopefully last house! It has a huge attic that will become my wargames room, a barn that will become my carpentry workshop and I will even have a painting/PC/3D printing room downstairs so needless to say that I am pretty excited about all this. I really not excited about packing up and moving everything again but I guess that’s the price I have to pay for all of this.

So in other words, this blog will be even quieter than it usually is for the coming few months but once I’m installed in the new house I hope to become more active here. Let’s wait and see!

Wish me luck !!

I’m (im)famous for losing interest fast and changing between projects before they are completed. I have been like that my entire “wargames career” but thank God, I’m not like that in normal life! 🙂

This time however I am determined to finish a project: the DAK and 8th Army in 28mm. I already have about one Bolt Action platoon of Germans and one of Brits that are fully painted and based. The plan is to add two more German, one British, one Australian and one Indian Army platoon to that together with a load of vehicles and tanks for both sides.

I already assembled all the figures and have put basing material on their bases, the Australians are even primed and mounted on painting stands already. There’s 36 of them in front of me on my painting table right now begging to be painted. So wish me luck, I’m going in! 🙂