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It’s been awhile since I was able to do anything wargames related due to all the work that needed to be done to our house. That kept me busy for the better part of the year but with the end in sight and the wonderful anniversary gift of a 3D printer (actually 2 printers) by my dear wife I’m back in the game! 🙂

I was lucky to discover a kickstarter for 3D print files of Normandy 1944 buildings by a German gentleman named Jens Najewitz.  He offers an amazing array of buildings at a very low cost and he is very prolific. He has done a North-African, Normandy, Age of Pirates and now a Wild West kickstarter and of course, I backed them all. 🙂 Consequently my next terrain projects will be a desert board (with 3D printed 8th Army and DAK vehicles and armour to game on it), a pirate board and of course a Wild West board.

The one you are looking at now is a “Band of Brothers – Attack on Carentan” type of board, completely printed from Jens’ 3D Normandy files.  It is very loosely based on Carentan as it looked at the time of the assault by the 101st Airborne Division but it is not limited to that; I can use this board also as an early war Belgian or French village, for a Battle of the Bulge setting and much more with a little imagination and the right posters on the walls of the buildings.

I finished the basic layout after I took these pictures. I have a lot of painting to do now but that should go pretty fast with my trusted airbrush. I’ll post some more pictures when there is more to see.

PS. the MP40 hanging on the wall in one of the pics is also a 3D printed model in case you’re wondering. 🙂


Cardboard Village..

My oldest son arrived last week from Belgium, he will stay with us for a year or so and that means that I finally have someone to wargame with.  We are going to take advantage of this to lure my two younger stepsons into the wonderful world of wargaming and what is better for that than PIRATES!  They don’t care much about historical gaming but pirates spark their imagination.

So I have built a coastal village entirely made out of paper and cardboard buildings, ships and stuff downloaded as PDF from the Wargames Vault (

I know these models are actually meant to be a medieval village but they work well enough for an English, French, Dutch or even Spanish settlement during the Golden Age of Piracy. And the good thing is that this entire setup has cost me less than $200 US, cardboard and glue included. Try doing that with resin or wood…

I have 3 pirate crews and 1 Navy/pirate hunter crew and have tasked my oldest son to come up with a bunch of fun scenarios and missions. Will let you know how it went in later posts.

Interested or not?

Back in the days when I still had Fonzie’s Scratchbuilding Service I started working on a series of “Scratch-building the easy way” magazine style books that I was going to publish as PDF e-books because of the high cost of printed books. Nowadays, with decent self-publishing and print-on-demand  options available I can probably do them in print too.

Every volume would be about a certain theme, the first one was going to be “How to build a WW2 Normandy Village.”   The next volumes would have a similar “village in a box” theme.

The book would give you all you need to build your own buildings with a difficulty level  from very easy to medium.  It would have templates that you could copy and place on a sheet of Foamboard so that all you had to do was cut the boards and glue them together.  After that you could “plaster” the building (will be explained in the book) and of course paint it.  The templates would be usable for any scale just by blowing up or reducing them on the photocopier.

Moving to the Philippines and opening MMPS stopped the work on these books but now that I am really retired and moving back to Belgium soon (I hope) I might pick up where I left and produce these books.

But, it is very time-consuming enterprise so I would like to find out first if there is an interest for them.  I’m not looking for a big payout but of course I want to be compensated for the time and work I put into producing this series of books so I will not give them away for free.

So my questions are:

  1. Would you buy these books/magazines if I would publish them?
  2. Would you rather have a PDF, a print version or,  a PDF and print version in one set?
  3. How much would you consider a fair price for a PDF, for a print version (probably about 100 to 120 pages), for a set (PDF + print version)?  Keep in mind that there will be many months of work into these.
  4. What themes would you like to see in this series? For instance a  Medieval village, the Waterloo buildings etc… ?

It would be great if you could take a minute to answer these questions for me. Of course if you answer no to question 1 there’s no need to answer the others anymore!  Thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate it!

These are samples of what I was working on in 2009 . These are  samples, not a final product,  so the pictures in them are not necessarily correct, it’s just to give you an idea. The final version will look similar but  better.

Sample of cover and back

Sample of content

Thanks very much!