Too much artillery?

I wonder is there such a thing as having too much artillery to choose from when setting up a game?

I think I have gone a little bit overboard with my ACW artillery.  I have about 15 Union and 15 Confederate  guns. There’s no way that I can use them all in the same game so I’m thinking why on earth did I do that many.

It must be a wargamer thing, always wanting more troops than we are ever able to use at the same time. Or is it just me?

Anyway, here’s a selection of my ACW 28mm guns.  (especially for you Barry!) 🙂

Saxon Chevaux Leger

These are Perry plastic French Dragoons with Perry plastic hussar heads and some creative painting on the horse furniture to make it look like a Saxon one. The brigade commander is a Victrix Austrian mounted officer painted as a Saxon general. Not 100% accurate all of this  but close enough for me.

These are the Saxon Prince Johann and Prince Albrecht Chevaux Leger led by a brigade commander and his ADC’s.

Young Guard

Perry plastic line infantry with Perry French hussar heads.  It needs a bit of work to make the hussar heads fit because the line infantry has cast-on heads that you need to chop off.  The hussar heads are rounded at the bottom so you then need to  “dremel” out a seat for them in the infantry figure’s neck.  All in out about 5 minutes work per figure which is not bad at all.

These are Voltigeurs and Fusiliers of the Young Guard. Some of the drummers and officers are Perry metal figures.


BA Painting Guides

I recently bought and downloaded a couple of Bolt Action PDF painting guides from the Warlord Games website.

They are cheap and that’s very good as I am not impressed with them.  I feel like they are too basic and lacking to be of any real use but maybe that’s just me being a spoiled brat. 🙂 They do not contain any information that you cannot find for free on the Internet but at 1 pound sterling a piece they are not going to break the bank. So they are probably ok if you are new to painting Germans and Americans but for seasoned painters there’s nothing new here.

However, I commend Warlord Games for bringing out these painting guides and I hope they will do many more as I am sure that they are useful to of some of us.

German US