British Para’s

Before I moved from Belgium to the Philippines I made a start at building a 20mm Arnhem bridge terrain board. Not the entire thing of course, just the ramp of the bridge with a small section of bridge and the houses around the ramp where most of the fighting took place during Market Garden. I also want to do some Oosterbeek terrain boards.

Now that I have these wonderful 28mm para’s I’m thinking of doing this in 28mm. 🙂  However I will have to wait until I am back in Belgium before I get cracking on this because moving large terrain boards  like these to Belgium will cost me of fortune.

I also bought the Warlord Games Pegasus Bridge set and want to do terrain boards for that one too but same thing; will have to wait as it is much easier and cheaper to ship a box with the unfinished model than large terrain boards.

Can’t wait for the day that we can finally pack our things and move back to Belgium. If only we could find a serious buyer for our house here in the Philippines but that is easier said than done. Don’t get me started on tales about selling a house in the Philippines… grrr. 🙂

Anyway, here they are, my British para’s.

US Airborne

I was not so happy with Warlord Games when I bought these through War and Peace Games Australia. The figures themselves are great but they arrived with almost every carbine barrel broken off and missing (I left most of them out of the pictures).  If you know, as a company, that your product is fragile and prone to breaking than put some more care into packaging them please. A blister is not the best way for this Warlord Games !


1940 Fallschirmjaeger

I have done these as early war fallschirmjaeger because I plan  to game the attack on Fort Eben Emael and the attack on the Maas bridges of May 10, 1940.  I’m going to build a wargames sized model of the “roof” of the fort some day and have some German gliders land on it. 🙂 The idea is to explore various “what if” scenarios. What if the Belgians counterattacked in force, what if the machine gun bunkers had been manned and so on.