Stark Household Guard

I have  finished the first of the many Game of Thrones units that I have planned to do, the Starks of Winterfell Household Guard.

The nice thing about GoT armies is that they are fantasy armies based on real medieval armies. That means that there is no “must paint them exactly like this” dress code and you can use your own ideas of how they should look.  I decided to follow the books (up to a point) but stay away from the fantasy outfits portrayed in the HBO show.

I chose to use  Anglo-saxons and Vikings for my Northerners, mainly because I want them to be in mail and boiled leather jerkins.  I am working on my Northern rank and file right now and they will be mostly in boiled leather.

The figures are a combination of parts of  Gripping Beast Anglo-Saxons and Vikings plastics with Fireforge cloaks, painted grey with a white edge as described in the books.  The shields are all from Fireforge. The shield transfers and the Direwolf sigil are by a German company “Schildschmie”, the link to their website is on the bookmarks page.   I painted these in tabletop quality but I may go back to them later and apply some Vallejo washes, not sure about that yet.

Back to painting now because remember, “Winter is coming.” 🙂