Winter is Coming

I finally found my painting mojo back and have been very, very productive in the last 4 weeks or so. Not only did I paint a big chunk of my Crusades Saracen Cavalry (more in next post) but also a load of Northern infantry for my Game of Thrones armies.

No fancy painting, just basic colors with a wash of Vallejo Soft tone and Schildschmie decals (see bookmarks page).  I want these on the table in THIS lifetime so I have to stop spending hours painting ONE figure.  Mass production at a good enough tabletop standard is my new mantra! 🙂

For my Stark and Northern banner men I mainly used Gripping Beast Anglo-Saxons and Vikings but with Fireforge medieval shields instead of the round shields that these originally came with. I also have some Fireforge foot sergeants in the mix.

Karstark, Hornwood and Manderly  banner men contingents.  I am going to do units of 12 figures but   I ran out of decals so they  are all a few figures short. I’ll get them at full strength eventually.

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