Everything on these 10 (85cm x 60cm) boards was either scratchbuilt or 3D printed. It took over 250 hours to get it all done but I think it was worth it.

The boards are 6mm MDF with a layer of 4cm styrofoam on top. The contours of the terrain were then sculpted in Sculpta Mold and covered with a layer of plaster bandages for strenght. It then took an incredible amount of static grass, patience and real dirt from my garden to cover it all. The palissades are BBQ sticks, cut to size, sharpened at one end and then put in place one by one. The stream and the river are poured resin with Mod Podge gloss waves painted on. The castle, jetty, stable and bridges were made out of balsa wood, XPS foam and/or Foam Core. The various animals, the well, the archery targets and the boat were 3D printed. The tree is handmade with the twisted wires method. The outer sides of the boards are protected a by 2.5mm hardwood border.

Hope you like it!

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