Too much artillery?

I wonder is there such a thing as having too much artillery to choose from when setting up a game?

I think I have gone a little bit overboard with my ACW artillery.  I have about 15 Union and 15 Confederate  guns. There’s no way that I can use them all in the same game so I’m thinking why on earth did I do that many.

It must be a wargamer thing, always wanting more troops than we are ever able to use at the same time. Or is it just me?

Anyway, here’s a selection of my ACW 28mm guns.  (especially for you Barry!) 🙂

2 thoughts on “Too much artillery?”

  1. Yes, concur. After all they did go around in Artillery Brigades! And whilst the Feds probably need more than the Rebs, you still need lots of Rebel Redlegs to fire in Pickett’s Charge – and every wargamer does Pickett’s Charge at least once!

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