About me

Hi, my name is (Al)Fons Libert, welcome to my wargamer.be website! I will try to make this about me as short as I can but … good luck with that! 🙂

This “About Me” page should actually be called “About Us” page because it is thanks to the love, patience and understanding of my lovely wife Chelle (the pretty one in the picture) that I can spend a lot of my time and earnings doing what I like to do. It is thanks to her that I was able to collect an entire new collection of PAINTED wargames stuff in less than 5 years time. I had to sell my original collection when I moved from Belgium to the Philippines and that broke my heart… but only for a while as my new collection is so much larger and better! Thanks baby!

I have been a wargamer for as long as I can remember but I only found out later in life that I was one  when someone told me that what I was doing – playing with Airfix soldiers and homemade rules – was actually called wargaming!

My other interest is Military History, mostly Napoleonic History,  so I founded the Napoleon Series back in the nineties.  This website became the largest  Napoleonic Reference site in the world in just a couple of years time and my efforts in bringing history to the masses made me a Fellow and Legion of Merit holder of the International Napoleonic Society, a great honor! Unfortunately a chronic illness forced me, back in 2000, to leave the Napoleon Series in the capable hands of Bob Burnham, my friend and “second in command” who took it to even higher heights since then.

I always had a talent for building things from scratch so in 2004 I decided to launch my own scratchbuilding service to build stuff for other people.  Fonzie’s Scratchbuilding Service, FSB, was very successful, I had tons of work and never enough time but I’m proud to say that I never made a customer wait for longer than promised!

After I got engaged to my lovely wife we decided that I would move to the Philippines and that we would start a life together here. I was at that time being discharged and retired for medical reasons after 30 years of service in the Belgian Army so I moved. At 50 years old I was still to young to sit on my thumbs and do nothing so I started up a new painting service, Mabuhay Miniature Painting Service or MMPS for short, to keep me busy and maybe earn me some hobby spending money.  MMPS grew much faster than I ever expected and pretty soon I was working up to 16 hours a day keeping up with the orders.

Five years and a baby later we are moving the family back to Belgium for the sake of our kids. Education is a joke here in the Philippines and we want more and better for them. So I have “sold” MMPS to a group of Manila Philippines based wargamers, the Makati Marauders, who will continue to run MMPS under the name Makati Marauders Painting Service.

Back in Belgium I will really be retired and divide my time between my family and my hobby, this website being a big part of it.

Thanks for reading all the way up to down here! Enjoy my website and get in touch if you like.




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