Wargame Rules

These are rules that I have written myself. You can download and use them for your own private use.  My mother tongue is Flemish (Dutch) so most of them are written in Flemish. I might one day translate them into English but I’m not promising.

Panzer General

Very simple rules for 6mm WW2 that I wrote to “initiate” my then 10 y.o son into wargaming. – Flemish version – PDF file


Quick play rules for the period between 100BC to 200AD – Flemish version and English version – PDF file

The World upside down

AWI rules – Flemish version – PDF file


I used to own a scratch-building service and I built tons of buildings and terrain for customers. I never wrote anything down, always built my stuff from memory so I do not have loads of tutorials at the moment. I might write some but again, no promises.


A tutorial on how to build great looking and very useful “rubber” roads that will conform to any terrain piece that you put under them. –  English version – PDF file.


Rocherath and Krinkelt

A scenario for 20mm Rapid Fire.
Unfortunately I cannot find the map that goes with it anymore but a quick Google search will give you everything you need to lay out your terrain. – English version – MS Word file.





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