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US Airborne

I was not so happy with Warlord Games when I bought these through War and Peace Games Australia. The figures themselves are great but they arrived with almost every carbine barrel broken off and missing (I left most of them out of the pictures).  If you know, as a company, that your product is fragile and prone to breaking than put some more care into packaging them please. A blister is not the best way for this Warlord Games !


1940 Fallschirmjaeger

I have done these as early war fallschirmjaeger because I plan  to game the attack on Fort Eben Emael and the attack on the Maas bridges of May 10, 1940.  I’m going to build a wargames sized model of the “roof” of the fort some day and have some German gliders land on it. 🙂 The idea is to explore various “what if” scenarios. What if the Belgians counterattacked in force, what if the machine gun bunkers had been manned and so on.