Woohoooo !!

As some of you know we moved our family to Belgium late summer last year after having lived in the Philippines for 6 years. ¬† There was a lot of renovation work to be done in our Belgian house so there was no time left to even think about wargaming until now. With 95% of the work done I have some time to myself and I made good use of it already. ūüôā¬† I have just finished building my wargames table !!

It’s a modular table, meaning that it has 3 boards for a total size of 2.5m x 1.4m. ¬†If I want a smaller table I can use just 2, or even just 1 board and that will give me 1.4m¬†x 1.4m and 1m x 1.4m respectively. My original plan was to have a 3m x 1.5m table but I just can’t fit that size into my workshop which¬†is already full as you can see. ¬†My carpenter’s workbench doubles as the base for the wargames table. When not in use I can store the boards behind my wood storage rack on the left of the bottom picture and use my workbench for its original purpose which is to build furniture, my other hobby.

As you can see in the pictures I got “screwed” by NOCH, the manufacturer of the grass mats that I used. I bought two rolls with the same name and same bar code and yet there is a color difference between the rolls. The two outer boards were done from one roll, the inner board from the other roll. The difference is obvious.

What I missed most during these many months of forced absence from our hobby was painting so it is no surprise that one of the first things I did was set up my painting table and paint some figures.

I’m exited to have a place to wargame¬†and paint again and I can’t wait to invite my wargaming buddies for a inaugural game! ūüôā

Excuses excuses…

I know I know, I haven’t been really good at keeping this blog up to date. Real life always seems to get in the way of painting and gaming¬†and frankly,¬†a lot of times I just don’t feel like slapping paint on figures or get them out of the cupboards and onto the table.

The reasons for that are many but the main one is that I’m still a one man show. I have 3 male kids in the house of an age that is perfectly agreeable with wargaming but neither of them shows any interest in playing wargames¬†with dad.¬† They rather sit behind their computers most of the time and pretend they have friends online. ūüôā It’s hard to get motivated to paint troops and finish projects when you know you will just end up putting them in the cupboard when they are finished.

Second reason is that things are rapidly changing for us and that is taking up a lot of my time and energy.¬†We have filed our visa applications for my family to permanently move back to Belgium.¬† Now all we can do is wait and hope they don’t get denied, cause even if it is remote, that is a possibility. We were going to wait¬†to do¬†that until our house here in the Philippines was sold but it just isn’t selling and we can’t wait forever.¬† The kids need to be in school in Belgium when next school year starts in September so damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead.¬† Moving an entire family, dogs included from Asia to Europe requires a lot of money, planning and determination and most of all, it isn’t easy. I seems that it is easier to just walk into Belgium and claim asylum nowadays than for a Belgian who has served his country in uniform for 30 years to get his family to Belgium. But that has nothing to do with wargaming so I’ll shut up about that.

So, I’m not going to promise you that I will make a come-back soon with painted figures and games on this blog but I will try. I need to to keep my sanity. ūüôā

Cardboard Village..

My oldest son arrived last week from Belgium, he will stay with us for a year or so and that means that I finally have someone to wargame with.¬† We are going to take advantage of this to lure my two younger stepsons into the wonderful world of wargaming and what is better for that than PIRATES!¬† They don’t care much about historical gaming but pirates spark their imagination.

So I have built a coastal village entirely made out of paper and cardboard buildings, ships and stuff downloaded as PDF from the Wargames Vault (http://www.wargamevault.com/index.php).

I know these models are actually meant to be a medieval village but they work well enough for an English, French, Dutch or even Spanish settlement during the Golden Age of Piracy. And the good thing is that this entire setup has cost me less than $200 US, cardboard and glue included. Try doing that with resin or wood…

I have 3 pirate crews and 1 Navy/pirate hunter crew and have tasked my oldest son to come up with a bunch of fun scenarios and missions. Will let you know how it went in later posts.

Northern Host for GoT

It’s been awhile since my last post but that doesn’t mean I was idle!¬†I¬†have finished the infantry part of my Game of Thrones Northern host¬†as you see in the pictures and have made a start on my Westerlands (Lannister) host.

After that there will be Tully’s, Aryn’s, Greyjoy’s, Freys, Boltons, Clegane’s, Baratheon’s¬†and perhaps Tyrell’s on the painting table if I can find decals for them.¬† I got the others covered but decals for Tyrells are proven to be illusive so far. I tried printing my own but the detail just is not¬†good enough, the¬†ink keeps “bleeding” and that messes up the detail.¬† The decals for the knights of the minor Northern houses are printed on good quality sticker paper, pasted on their shields and then painted over. Up close you can see the¬†thickness of the stickerpaper (see pic of the knight with the red shield) but from a distance it is not noticeable anymore.¬† I could do the same for the Tyrells if my quest for decals fails, we’ll see.

When the infantry is done mounted knights, archers and men at arms are up but that may still be some ways off.

The great thing about having troops of every faction – major and minor houses – is that I will be able to do a Westeros campaign with every player¬†at the head¬†of a noble house. That means shifting alliances, betrayal and rebellion just as in the “real” Game of Thrones!

I based these troops individual for use in for instance “Lion Rampant” but I also made movement trays for them so that I can also use them in rulesets that require blocks of infantry.

Let me know what you think, I paint more and faster when properly motivated! ūüôā


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