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British Commando’s

Led by their gallant leader, Lord Lovat  in his non-regulation uniform (put that man on a charge!),  I give you a platoon of British Commando’s.   Most are Warlord Games plastic and metal figures but a few are Artizan metal figures.

This was the first time that I applied the water slide decals that come with most Bolt Action sets.  They look great once applied and varnished with a coat of matt varnish to take the shine off but they are A PAIN to apply for someone with bad eyes like me.

Not sure what I will work on next. Could be my British infantry or my British Paras if I can find the courage to do more decals. 🙂

Bolt Action Germans

Late war Germans to oppose my Russians. Tabletop quality painted by my painters at MMPS and shaded by me on obviously  a bad day for painting because I did not do a very good job on the faces. But who cares, I can’t see them properly anyway from 2 meters away on the wargames table so game on!

A couple of the figures are wearing camouflage smocks. I still need to paint those sometime, for now they are just painted Field Grey like the other figs.

Next up are British Commandos.