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BA Painting Guides

I recently bought and downloaded a couple of Bolt Action PDF painting guides from the Warlord Games website.

They are cheap and that’s very good as I am not impressed with them.  I feel like they are too basic and lacking to be of any real use but maybe that’s just me being a spoiled brat. 🙂 They do not contain any information that you cannot find for free on the Internet but at 1 pound sterling a piece they are not going to break the bank. So they are probably ok if you are new to painting Germans and Americans but for seasoned painters there’s nothing new here.

However, I commend Warlord Games for bringing out these painting guides and I hope they will do many more as I am sure that they are useful to of some of us.

German US


Bunnies !!

You know you are getting old when you open a cupboard and discover figures that you totally forgot about! I can’t for the life of me remember anymore why or for what project I bought these Shadowforge bunnies years ago.

Anyway, now that they are back in the picture I need to do something with them. Can’t put these lovely ladies back in the cupboard, that would be ungentlemanly. 🙂

ANY suggestions are welcome. Tell me in a comment what you would use these gals for, give me some idea’s and inspiration cause I’m at a loss here.. 🙂

1scm165 1scm167 1scm168 1scm169


Prussian Hussars

Filipinos do not know or care about the wargaming hobby so it is impossible for me to buy anything other than some Valejo paint locally. I have to buy all my wargames stuff abroad and the slowness and inefficiency of the Philippine Postal Service makes that a very unpleasant experience. Waiting times of up to 12 weeks for a parcel from the US or UK to arrive here, if it arrives at all,  are more the rule than the exception. I do not have that kind of patience anymore so I always try to make do with what I can get more easily and faster from Australia and convert figures into what I need at the moment.

Brandenburg Hussars
Brandenburg Hussar Regiment

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