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Everything on these 10 (85cm x 60cm) boards was either scratchbuilt or 3D printed. It took over 250 hours to get it all done but I think it was worth it.

The boards are 6mm MDF with a layer of 4cm styrofoam on top. The contours of the terrain were then sculpted in Sculpta Mold and covered with a layer of plaster bandages for strenght. It then took an incredible amount of static grass, patience and real dirt from my garden to cover it all. The palissades are BBQ sticks, cut to size, sharpened at one end and then put in place one by one. The stream and the river are poured resin with Mod Podge gloss waves painted on. The castle, jetty, stable and bridges were made out of balsa wood, XPS foam and/or Foam Core. The various animals, the well, the archery targets and the boat were 3D printed. The tree is handmade with the twisted wires method. The outer sides of the boards are protected a by 2.5mm hardwood border.

Hope you like it!

it’s Moving Time

On July 22 we move to our new and hopefully last house! It has a huge attic that will become my wargames room, a barn that will become my carpentry workshop and I will even have a painting/PC/3D printing room downstairs so needless to say that I am pretty excited about all this. I really not excited about packing up and moving everything again but I guess that’s the price I have to pay for all of this.

So in other words, this blog will be even quieter than it usually is for the coming few months but once I’m installed in the new house I hope to become more active here. Let’s wait and see!

Woohoooo !!

As some of you know we moved our family to Belgium late summer last year after having lived in the Philippines for 6 years.   There was a lot of renovation work to be done in our Belgian house so there was no time left to even think about wargaming until now. With 95% of the work done I have some time to myself and I made good use of it already. 🙂  I have just finished building my wargames table !!

It’s a modular table, meaning that it has 3 boards for a total size of 2.5m x 1.4m.  If I want a smaller table I can use just 2, or even just 1 board and that will give me 1.4m x 1.4m and 1m x 1.4m respectively. My original plan was to have a 3m x 1.5m table but I just can’t fit that size into my workshop which is already full as you can see.  My carpenter’s workbench doubles as the base for the wargames table. When not in use I can store the boards behind my wood storage rack on the left of the bottom picture and use my workbench for its original purpose which is to build furniture, my other hobby.

As you can see in the pictures I got “screwed” by NOCH, the manufacturer of the grass mats that I used. I bought two rolls with the same name and same bar code and yet there is a color difference between the rolls. The two outer boards were done from one roll, the inner board from the other roll. The difference is obvious.

What I missed most during these many months of forced absence from our hobby was painting so it is no surprise that one of the first things I did was set up my painting table and paint some figures.

I’m exited to have a place to wargame and paint again and I can’t wait to invite my wargaming buddies for a inaugural game! 🙂