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    Well, the dreaded day has arrived. The painters packed up and left the premises to start working for the new MMPS, Makati Marauders Painting Service, on Monday morning.

    For me that’s the end of 5 years hard but very rewarding work, not so much financially rewarding although I can’t complain about that, but mostly rewarding because it gave me much pleasure to work with my painters and customers.

    I don’t think I will do any assembling and painting for myself anytime soon. I have probably assembled close to 50.000 figures in these last 5 years, sometimes up to the early hours of the morning, and that many really takes the fun out of it. I don’t want to assemble a single figure anymore for quite some time!

    Fortunately my painters were able to paint many hundreds of figures for my own collection in the last month and detailing and basing those will keep me busy long enough.

    I hope to be back in Belgium by the time I’m finished with this and once there I’m really going to get stuck in building terrain boards. First one will be a Wild West board for my very large Dead Man’s Hand town. Really looking forward to that one!

    I guess now that I no longer have MMPS I’m REALLY retired and what do you know, I can go to bed at a decent hour from now on! 🙂

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